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A Tip From a Cat Expert – Microchip Your Cat For Peace of Mind in 2018

Tip From Cat Expert, DiAnna Pfaff-Martin. 

Protecting Your Pet
Last but not least, microchipping is a simple and permanent identification system. A microchip is the size of a tiny pencil lead and is implanted under the skin between the shoulders of an animal. If your cat ever goes missing and is taken to an animal shelter, is found injured or sick by a Good Samaritan and is admitted to a vet hospital, or rescued off the street, a scan for a microchip can help your pet find its way back home to you!

To prove the point, just recently a kitty adopted from Community Animal Network in 2005 was found after having been missing for three years. It found its way back to us when the owners’ phone numbers were found to be disconnected. A life was saved by this life-saving implant!

According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, less than 2% of the cats gone missing are returned to their owners as compared to 15- 20 percent of dogs because they lack identification.

Microchipping is for both dogs and cats and even for “indoor only” cats, too! Why not make an appointment today with a veterinarian to get all of your pet family member’s microchipped, because life is full of uncertainties!

But, don’t just walk out of the vets office with all the microchip papers and file them away, there’s one more step that too many people forget…. There’s a fee to register your contact information with the chip’s national recovery database. Make sure you remember to keep the chip numbers with your veterinarians’ records and keep the registry contact information current.

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