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TOOLS YOU NEED TO RESCUE A CAT….Setting up a Cage for a Rescue Cat

“Cages With A Carrier Inside and Covered with a Sheet Make A Rescue Cat Feel Safe!”

Supplies you’ll need:

Precision Pet Great Crate Double Door Dog Crate (48 inch)

The most important thing that is needed is the right cage! Community Animal Network uses “Precision Cages” because the bottom tray is strong, bends and is unbreakable. Many other cages that are less money have flimsy bottom trays that break, chip and have to be replaced.

When you set up a spacious crate for a rescue cats comfort it’s like them having their own apartment! There needs to be enough room for a large carrier, (listed below) for the cat to hide in, a litter box (approximately 19 inches x 15 inches), and food and water bowls that attach to the bars that prevent spillage.

The 48 inch is highly recommended in order to achieve that desired space.

Collapsible Dog Crate (48 inch)

Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel (24 inch)

The pet crate top-loading carrier is essential for cat owners. Not only is a top loading carrier a must to have this 24″ is roomy and recommended by the founder of Community Animal Network to easily because it provides a safe and secure space for your new rescue to hide inside the cage to feel comfortable in a new environment, especially for a newly rescued cat. It is strongly advised to get the 24 inch sized crate, this is the standard size for most cats.

Pearl Ash Blue

Pearl Tan

Precision Pet Great Crate Double Door Dog Crate (48 inch)

For this next item you want to make sure you get a crate spacious enough for both the litter box and the smaller crate listed above. The 48 inch is highly recommended in order to achieve that desired space.

Collapsible Dog Crate (48 inch)

Kitty City XL Wide Premium Scratching Collection, Corrugate Cat Scratchers 2 Pieces, Cat Scratching Toy

This Cat Scratching Pad is one of the best ones to buy for your rescued cat. It is both safe for you and the cat, it’s made of recycled cardboard, and it’s a great way to prevent any damages to any furniture.

Cat Scratching Pads (2 pack)

Cat Scratching Pads (3 pack)

Pet Edge Stainless Steel Hanging Bowl

For food and water we strongly recommend this stainless steel hanging bowl. It is preferred to get this bowl for easy cleaning and the 26 ounce specifically for easy measuring of water and kibble consumption.

Steel Hanging Bowl (26 ounce)

You & Me Yappy Meals Gray Attachable Dog Bowl

We also suggest using these attachable dog bowls. They are easy to clean and are made for easy attachment as well as detachment of a cage. The medium sized bowl is the suggested size because it is a perfect size for cats to be able to dip their head in and eat all of their food, however a small bowl could work as well.

Gray Attachable Dog Bowl, Small

Gray Attachable Dog Bowl, Medium

Flat Sheets

Flat sheets are great to create a comfortable environment for a rescued cat. Comfort should always come first; however, for added style we have below a few suggestions on what prints we recommend for your furry rescue.

Leopard Print

Black/White Zebra Print

Brown/Cream Zebra Print 

Jaguar Print

FAT CAT Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy

Play is also an important factor to keeping a cat healthy and well. The majority of the cats in our sanctuary enjoy playing with this toy specifically, which is why we recommend it. Here we have listed both sizes, the small one is great to have inside of the cage and the large one is for the time they spend outside of their cage.

Circle Interactive Cat Toy, Small

Circle Interactive Cat Toy, Large

Catnip Cat Kicker Toys Filled with 1.25 Ounces of Premium Canadian Catnip

This suggested item is for the cat to have another form of entertainment. These are handmade in the USA and are sewn twice for extra strength and durability. Listed are an array of colors to choose from.


15 inch Blue + Red 2 pack

Dark Denim


Green Flannel


15 inch Red + Green 2 pack

15 inch Red 2 pack

Red Flannel

Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer, 50 Tablets

In order to have a strong and healthy kitty, one of the essential buys we advise would be the Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer. This specific product has rave reviews, one being how much money it has saved them due to its efficiency. This dewormer is a great precaution to give to your cat(s) and can help prevent having to make any future costly visits to the vet.

Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer, 50 Tablets

Profender Topical Solution for Cats

As mentioned in our previous paragraph, dewormers are vital to mainting a healthy and happy kitty. We also recommend a money-saving option for anyone that has only 1 to a few cats, or is just starting out their rescue organization. The Profender Topical Solution for Cats is just as great for deworming but, as the name suggests, it is a topical cream and should only be applied onto their skin. Listed will be three different options all based on the weight of the kitty.

Profender Topical Solution for Cats, 5.5-11 lbs, 1 treatment (Orange Box)

Profender Topical Solution for Cats, 11-17.6 lbs, 1 treatment (Purple Box)

Catego Fast-Acting Flea & Tick Treatment

What did the clean cat say to the insect? Long time no flea! Taking care of a flea issue before it even becomes a problem is another vital component to what makes a kitty happy and healthy. One of the main reasons we recommend using Catego is because of how quick and effective it is, as well as that it works for a full month. This treatment is only for cats and kittens that weigh more than 1.5 pounds and are 8 weeks or older.

3-Pack Flea Treatment

6-Pack Flea Treatment

Single Pack Flea Treatment

Angry Orange Super Strength Odor Neutralize

Our animals aren’t the only ones deserving of a cleanly, comfortable space. We love our furry companions; however, we don’t love some of the odors they leave behind. In order to maintain a cleanly, happy home by combating any nasty odors, we recommend the use of the Angry Orange Super Strength Odor Neutralizer. As stated on the bottle, it is a cold press custom formula derived from the oil found in orange peels. It can be used on just about any surface and we can confidently say it is highly effective.

Angry Orange Super Strength Odor Neutralize 8 oz bottle

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