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After Escaping From The Smoke From the Los Angeles Fires The Cat Arthur Becomes Lost At the Hyatt Hotel Newport Beach, California

It wasn’t supposed to be this way, Arthur and his family were just visiting for the week to escape the smoke from the Los Angeles fires when Arthur’s pet carrier dropped, broke apart and he tumbled and ran helplessly away through the parking lot onto the spacious grounds of the Hyatt Hotel in Newport Beach.

Arthur’s owner Doug wanted to do everything he could find Arthur and instead of sleeping on a soft luxury bed with his wife, he slept in the car every night and looked tirelessly for their orange and white cat.

When the families stay ended and there had been no luck finding Arthur, Doug decided to contact a local friend to post his missing cat on in the Newport Beach area and it was there he met DiAnna Pfaff-Martin, the founder of Community Animal Network who advised him to get his cat back he would need to trap his cat.

DiAnna sprang into action and in less than fifteen minutes all had been arranged with humane trapper Gena Bartrom to help Doug trap his cat.

It will be close to midnight, Thursday, September 19, 2020, when Gena will be on a mission to reunite the cat Arthur with his family by luring Arthur into a humane animal trap with the pungent smell of tuna fish.

Your prayers are needed that Doug’s beloved Arthur will be found!

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