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Sickness or Death – It’s A Simple Dollars And Cents Decision!

We know everyone would like help save -a-life and that is why people consider adopting from the local shelter, or an animal rescue group.

But before you do, you may want to know a few things; First, you may be surprised to know that animal rescue groups are not all the same! “Pro-Humane” animal rescue groups operate under the same guidelines as “Pro-Humane” animal shelters; meaning no all rescued will be provided for until adoption. Especially those needing veterinary expensive medical treatments.

Pro-Life / Pro-Quality-Life animal rescue groups cover the cost of veterinary care, surgeries and continual care for animals within the group. We hope that you choose to support the animals within our Network of local people rescuing and caring for animal in their home.

People haven’t considered that adopting from a local shelter could cost you continued at top

Continued From Left.

transporting your new animal to and from the vet to treat the common upper respiratory and kennel cough.

And don’t believe that you could endure the suffering and heart ache if you were to return the animal to most likely be euthanized.

If saving your bank account is important then you should know the facts. Shelter animals often get sick 7 – 1 days after you have adopted them and need treatment. If you don’t have the funds available your animal could suffer and if you have other animals in your home the highly contagious upper respiratory condition could be passed on.

The “real” cost of you new shelter pet will skyrocket due to expensive treatments.

Choose Your New Pet Wisely!

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