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A Shopping List for Cat Owners

BUY AND USE PREMIUM PET FOODS (No, Whiskas, Nine Lives, Meow Mix)
We Recommend Pro-Plan Kitten and Cat Food (Highest Grade Of Purina with “More” Protein). For better brands purchase your pet food at a pet supply, not the grocery. Other good choices: Max Cat or Kitten, Science Diet, Iams, Nutro, Eukanuba. If you must shop at the market avoid purchasing pet food that you see advertised on television. Most have high fat content and fillers, it’s like feeding “Big Mac’s and French Fries” everyday! A better choice at the market level would be Iams.
AVOID MARKET BRANDS – use a lot of corn meal which is cheaper and may make animals skin itch and you think they have fleas OR your animal may develop a food allergy.
PURCHASE BEEF, CHICKEN, TURKEY & LIVER: AVOID SEAFOOD FLAVORS! Seafood is responsible for increased incidents of urinary infections in cats. These infections can be deadly in male cats! Research it! Absolutely NO Tuna!
CAT SCRATCHER- Buy 2 for either side of the litter box to cut down tracking!!!
Best For Size and Value – Pressed Cardboard Cat Scratcher …Saves Your Furniture. Comes with organic catnip. (Unobtrusive 18″ long X 2 ” high) could be just what you are looking for! BEST VALUE… Trader Joe’s
“Soft Paws” Brand name – Claw Covers that come in Red, Blue, Yellow and Pink that you can learn to put on. When your cat wears “Soft Paws” people think you painted their nails, but in fact they help protect your funriture and are ‘”fashionable”, too.
“Sticky Paws” Brand Name – Covers your furniture with clear plastic that adheres to edges where cats like the most. Use “Sticky Paws” while you are training your cat. Always have the pressed cardboard scratcher nearby to support and encourage positive behavior.
Microchips save lives. Protect your pet nation-wide from a life of uncertainty in the United States shelter system. Animal control officers scan for microchips when impounding all dogs and cats in the United States. A worthwhile investment. Our rescue animals are implanted with the Avid microchip and the registration is included with your adoption service fee. ($50.00 – $75.00 at most veterinarians).
COLLARS- Break Away Collar or Safe Cat (brand name)
Furry mice – Cats love them and lose them under the fridge and sofa -Get lots of them.
“Cat Circle” hours of entertainment, a ball circles in donut shape plastic runner. No need to spend on the fancy ones. The one with the mouse inside breaks easily and the one with the scratching carpet in the middle most cats don’t use. If you purchase the large size the cats lay in the middle and bat around, Too cute!
Flashlight or Laser pen– Tire your animals out before bedtime!

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