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A Tip From a Cat Expert – Don’t be Fooled by the “World’s Best Cat Litter” Line

Tip From Cat Expert, DiAnna Pfaff-Martin. 

Why Choose a Top Premium Brand Litter When There’s a Better Choice
“World’s Best Cat Litter” in my opinion is named appropriately, but, is “World’s Best Cat Litter” worth its premium cost? The brand is biodegradable and clumps on contact with urine and the box is easier to clean than with manufactured litters that are sold with a clumping additive. Although, what is “Worlds’ Best Cat Litter”? It is in fact ground corn and it is also used and sold as chicken food!

Wouldn’t you want to know why ground corn sold as a cat litter is so costly? Hmm…ground corn found at a feed store isn’t expensive at all! In my pet-parenting classes for felines I recommend ground corn “known to be chicken food” to be used as cat litter! The industry term for the product is called, “Lay Crumble”. It is sold in 25 and 50lb bags. Fifty pounds of the stuff is just $22.99 in my coastal California town and it may be much less in inland rural areas!

The visible difference is that the brand is finer and the corn product looks more like the brand of cereal Grapenuts. Both can be flushed or composted. The only drawback I see to the corn product “Lay Crumble” is if not stored properly in a cool place, rising temperatures could cause grain weevils to appear.

Just like kitchen grain products, if products for baking are not stored properly over time bugs will appear. Many of you may wish you never knew this, but, larvae lay inside grain kernels and feed. The brand must use a process to kill the weevil larvae; freezing or a microwave would do the trick. But, proper storage in an air tight container in a cool room will also work.

To avoid weevils birthing in the feed store product known as “Lay Crumble”, I suggest bringing the natural food product indoors and pouring the whole bag in a large container with an air tight lid. In my bedroom I hide fifty pounds inside a white tub that fits inside a huge basket and on top I place a comfy pet bed. Buying the product rather than the brand will give you the qualities of a premium brand at the cost of an economy litter.

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