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A Tip From a Cat Expert – Keep Your Kitties Calm at Feeding Time

Tip From Cat Expert, DiAnna Pfaff-Martin. 

Individual kitty plates for canned food
If you have a multi-cat household and feed canned food in addition to dry kibble on one plate to share, individual pet dishes could be a welcomed change for your kitty family members. I shop at thrift stores for ceramic saucers missing their coffee cup mates. I believe each kitty should have their own individual plate for a canned food meal.

Feeding canned food on individual plates can help calm “frantic” eaters that may tend to over eat in the presence of other kitties. A kitty having its own plate need not worry there won’t be enough of the good stuff!

It is possible that a kitty that eats too fast and throws up may just need to “de-stress” the eating experience. Feeding a seemingly always hungry cat away from others may encourage a slower pace of eating, or another idea is to offer more frequent smaller meals.

If your kitty still exhibits “frantic” eating habits after changing feeding protocols to feed canned food on separate plates and destressing the eating experience by feeding the cat separately. Your cat may need to be seen by a veterinarian for a blood test and to rule out symptoms of disease.

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