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A Tip From a Cat Expert – Cat’s Get Grumpy, Too!

Tip From Cat Expert, DiAnna Pfaff-Martin. 

Food and Grumpy Cats
I have consulted with the pet-parents of many “grumpy” kitties living in multi-cat households that have reacted negatively to other kitty family members and just don’t seem to mingle happily.
One consideration is that the current diet isn’t providing enough protein; similar to humans “snapping” at a friend or a loved one when we haven’t had enough sleep, or a meal.

Because cats are known predators and meat eaters, increasing the protein in the diet may help a cat feel more satisfied from its meal. I suggest you compare your kibble brands protein level with other brands and consider changing to the brand that has the higher protein. However, feeding canned food to a “grumpy” cat sometimes can be the solution for a cat feeling satisfied.

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