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Original Publication: Feb. 16, 2010

Would You Trust This Woman With Your Pet’s Life? This Is The Face Of A Suspected Animal Killer.

Commonly, Rescue Organizations Are Full Because It Takes A Long Time To Find a New Home For An Old Animal. There Are No Homes for Wild Untouchable Feral Cats, and There Are No Sanctuaries That Don’t Charge A Substantial Financial Fee!

Author: DiAnna Pfaff-Martin (Edited by Brian Slaughter)

The authorities say: “Buyer Beware!” If a rescue organization’s offer sounds too good to be true, it likely is.
Before placing your beloved pet in harms way, it is important to be aware of the tragic fact that some rescue people and organizations kill. Lynn Hildebrand, Cindy Morgan, Linda Sheehan, Barbara Zolle, Shirley Shuster, Carol Murphy are the kittens, cats and dogs over a period of years (with Hildebrand as the primary animal killer). It is believed that there is a house in Huntington Beach where a woman named Marsha lives, and this is one of the drop off places for some of the animals to be later picked up by the suspects. This issue was first brought to attention in 2010, yet people still give these rescuers cats and dogs!
With that said, we would like to inform you of three imperative facts about local rescues, and why people may consider turning over their dogs and cats to the aforementioned cat killers:

    People who are desperate to leave their animals find help with the suspected animals killers because they can’t get legitimate “immediate” help from the animal rescue community.
    Many Rescues that have kennels are almost always full and often do not return phone calls.
    There are “NO” No-Kill municipal animal shelters in Orange County; they are called “Pro-Humane”.

It is important to note that these Pro-Humane shelters are not the same as “No-Kill” shelters. Pro-humane groups do kill during cases of overcrowding, sickness, or aggression.

• Both dogs and cats can “become” cage aggressive when caged for periods of time (30 days is considered inhumane by most)
• Both dogs and cats can “become” sick (cats; upper respiratory / dogs: Kennel cough) simply by living in crowded conditions around too many other animals.
• The California State Law protects animals from euthanasia for only five days and may be killed anytime after to make space for new animals being impounded.; Owner Relinquished Animals Are Protected Only for 2 Days.
• Adult dogs and cats are killed swiftly during kitten season (April – August) as the general leaving the adult animals and large breed dogs at risk of loosing their lives as the shelter fills with kittens and puppies.

As such, we would like to leave you with some words of advice. Don’t turn over an animal to a rescue group or self-described rescue group without first asking some questions…

    May I drive and see the home where my pet will be staying?
    Where are your adoption events? May I be there with my animal?
    Do you have a web site? Will I be able to see my pet’s photo there?
    Do I have to sign a release or anything? (If not, have them write up the terms in which you are agreeing and understand how the business of rescuing your animal will be conducted). Be sure of what you’re signing. Don’t unknowingly relinquish your pet’s wellbeing by giving away euthanasia rights.

In short, beware of the animal rescuers that can pick up your animal right away. Ensure your pet’s longevity and wellbeing first.
View the original story here at the Animal Network.

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