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Meet Tiffany


Community Animal Network has quite a number of fabulous lap cats to choose from lately. Most lap cats personalities are highly desired as they are calm lounge lizards that usually have good house manners. People seeking these qualities should really consider adopting animals over eight years old as they are just perfect for those who want a really loving cat.
Tiffany is a large affectionate tabby lap cat. She is the kind of cat that would make a great companion for a senior person or anyone that desires an exceptional animal with good house manners. Like a good wine it is enhanced by age…Tiffany is thirteen and currently lives with a dog and other cats.
People often overlook qualities and choose an animal by its’ color, sex and age. When it comes down to getting the right pet choose the animal that has the best qualities for your home life. If you have a dog find an adult animal that currently lives with a dog.
Make a difference in an animal’s life; adopt an adult or senior pet. It’s life-saving!
If you would like to give your support to our work; memo your tax-deductible donation; “Rescue Operations”, tax ID 33-0971560 and mail to Community Animal Network, P.O. Box 8662 Newport Beach, CA, 92658.
Two other available twelve year olds are the solid grey Russian Blue-look named Shamus and a gorgeous long hair black cat named Branford.
Our senior cats have been well cared for and come with a 30 day health guarantee. Veterinarians carefully examine and read their blood panels to confirm every organ is functioning properly. Community Animal Network even cleans their teeth if necessary. We welcome you to explore the idea of adopting great mature cats!

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