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A Call to Action for a “Big Lovable Dog Named Shortcake”…

Your Could Be A Part Of A Good Ending Story!

“Big Dog Shortcake”

A caring South Orange County (Lake Forest) woman agreed to take a shelter rescue dog in her home for a week after the adopter changed her mind.

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“Shortcake would have been returned to the shelter if it was not for the kindness of this woman. The rescue community has not found a foster for Shortcake and the Lake Forest woman is unable to keep caring for Shortcake and has worry and tears that in her attempt to help she may be the one that has to live the experience of taking Shortcake back to the shelter since the rescue community hasn’t responded with another to help Shortcake. ”

Reply to Wendy

Shortcake is young and has a lot of energy and needs walking and exercise and then returns to being a couch potato. Shortcake was rescued from the Lancaster Animal Shelter and helped just temporarily. Rescues are networking the dog Shortcake to try to help. He is a nice dog and found to be great with older children but shows dominance with other dogs but no biting. He looks to me like a Mastiff or Great Dane mix?
He is in staying in a garage waiting for help. Shortcake was past his euthanasia date at the shelter and his supporters don’t want to see him go back to die. The current foster says he is very strong and pulls on the leash, loves to play ball and is willing to learn his commands.

Please Foster or Adopt Big Dog Shortcake!

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