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Please Let Your Areas Of Influence Help A Cat Family.

We Need A Backyard To Live In and To Be Fed to Thrive

In animal rescue my days are filled seeking solutions to help local animals in need. Community Animal Network is looking for a safe backyard to release the black & white cat family of three. The mom and two 4-5 month old kittens have been altered and the ears tipped, which is a sign that the animals are altered!
The Cat Family’s Story: Community Animal Network was contacted by a neighbor telling of a woman who died and her immediate family just put the deceased woman’s 15 unaltered cats outdoors to fend by themselves! Our humane animal trapper was sent to the house to begin TNR, (trap neuter and return), which saves lives and controls the population.
The cat family is ready to be released back to the property after being trapped and altered. Now the neighbor tells us she has been told to stop feeding the cats, the animals are not wanted back and the house will be sold! That Good Samaritan neighbor feeds outdoor cats in her own yard and adding 15 more is just too much!
We know that outdoor cats are at risk; however, there is nowhere for this family of cats to go except a shelter. Sadly, feral or frightened cats that act fractious at a municipal or county shelter will not survive long after impound.
Our trapper has them caged now for 2 weeks hoping they would warm up and she’s been looking for someone to help. The population will be growing if we do nothing. We do not want the animals to starve and even nice seeming people can be cruel to unwanted cats in high stray neighborhoods.
If you are an animal lover reading this and can help spread the word of need it would be appreciated! Or, why not make a donation to help with the costs of altering stray and feral cats?
A recurring donation would really help by adding us to your on-line bill pay account. Or, just mail us a check it saves fees and interest!
Thank you for your consideration to help local animals in need.
Community Animal Network
P.O. Box 8662
Newport Beach, Ca 92658
Non-Profit Tax ID# 33-0971560

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