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Hazards at Home

Dangers may lurk inside your home for your cat or kitten. People often say to play with cats or kittens with string or ribbon… nothing could be more dangerous and costly if they swallow it. If you animal ingests the string or ribbon it could pass through without harm. But, often we see the string or ribbon hanging out of the rectum and pull creating the problem by severing the intestine, or it could cause a blockage and your animal would not be able to excrete.
The safest and wisest thing to do, is not to allow your animal to play with anything string-like.
Open doors slowly and shuffle your feet when you have a kitten in the house. See our rescue kitten “Buttlercup” that had a fractured pelvis and a compressed lumbar vertebrae from her foster daddy opening the bathroom door too fast. Buttercups intensive care giver was the founder of the organization. She can walk now but not without constant 24 hour round the clock care. Most people would not have been able to give the time, or would be willing to get up in the night every two to three hours. So, safety and prevention is a better way to yield caution.
FEELING SAFE – How To Make Your New Cat Feel At Home
The new cat needs to feel “safe”. Do not introduce household pets at this time.
Use an occupied bedroom. This room is called the “safe” room. You and your family are the “Safe-Keppers. C.A.N. does “not” suggest using the bathroom as it is cold and removed from the warmth of the family) Expect that your new cat may hide. Keep the bedroom door closed. Food, water and a litter is placed within easy reach of the hiding place. (Your new pet may not eat or come out for a few days.
Your new pet will come out when it feels safe. Give it time and lots of love and talk to your new animal. A good way to encourage your new pet to bond with you is to give it tasty canned food. (Just a teaspoon full) as a treat and encourage interactive play with a flashlight or laser pen both are exciting.

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