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When Was The Last Time You Experienced Some Heavy Petting On A Saturday Night?

If the two of you sit at home on a Saturday night charmed with each other, but not the crowds or the cost of going out these days, consider sharing your home and love with a rescue cat or dog.

Layoffs have stifled the American Dream for many pet lovers. People are losing their homes while an ever-increasing number of family pets are entering the local shelter system and starting a life of uncertainty.

Community Animal Network’s rescue phone lines are flooded with calls from those who are seeking help because they know that sickness and death lurk behinds the municipal county shelters’ walls.

However, the same problem faces all local animal organizations: the availability of funds and volunteers to foster or house animals in their homes is not in proportion to the number of animals needing help.

You can help by opening your home to adoption or volunteering your time to become a pet-foster to an animal in need. Rescue animals that live in homes rather than in kennel cages while waiting for new homes have a better chance of being adopted because their caregiver can tell the prospective adopters about the animal’s personality and house manners and there is less risk of sickness and disease.

If you are unable to adopt or volunteer, please consider giving your support to local animals through monetary donations.

Local animal rescue organizations are not well-funded or well-stocked with volunteers which can lead to cries for help going unanswered and phone management becoming neglected.

Reflections of today’s economics affect local animals when people are forced out of their homes and into “no-pet” housing, or when the owners in with family members who are often allergic to pets.
Many frustrated callers claim to be huge animal lovers that donate regularly but can’t find help for their pets. That is because most donate after watching a sad animal rescue story on television or after receiving the latest subscription newsletter from a national charity. Please know that those funds are not available to local animalorganizations that work in your area.
Without donating locally, these animal groups cannot offer to help animals in our neighborhoods.

Meet Community Animal Network rescue cats, kittens, and dogs by appointment at Meet Animals for Adoption By Appoinment in the Caregiver’s home, 949-759-3646.s between the hours of 12:00pm and 4:00 pm, sponsored by Russo’s Pet Experience.
If you can help by providing donations for local animals please mail your checks to

Community Animal Network
P.O. Box 8662
Newport Beach, CA, 92658

memo your check
non-profit tax ID

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